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For those players that are looking to enjoy a game of blackjack online, then welcome to our review of Real Money Blackjack. Here we present the game of online blackjack and share with you how the gaming feature can be acquired online, giving you links to the best Canadian blackjack casinos and also information on how to play blackjack, and presenting live blackjack games.

This is all about putting you in front of the opportunities that will allow you to win real Canadian dollars from real money blackjack games.

For any players looking into blackjack for the first time, it will become apparently clear how accessible the game is, how easy it is to play, and you will have a better understanding of how much money can be won from playing blackjack online in Canada’s top casinos.

Getting the best real money games of blackjack

To get started, you first need to have the best platforms offering you blackjack games. There are numerous casinos online and they all provide blackjack as a betting option. There is an independent site that we recommend you select your top online casinos from and that is There you can access the top 10 Canadian casinos online that offer up blackjack games.

When you start to select your casinos and your focus is to play blackjack, make sure that what you get is the full choice of games that blackjack comes in. There are a number of blackjack variants and the best casinos should offer you blackjack live dealer games and plenty of digital RNG blackjack games.

Away from the gaming itself, you want the right services to make your membership comfortable, so you need to check you can have the best banking services with your chosen casino. Not all casinos have matching payment options, so pick a place that can take your deposit payments and your withdrawals.

Also, have a site that provides ample promotions that apply to blackjack gaming. So that you not only have the pick of games but also a choice over which blackjack to play with a handy bonus offer.

If you specifically want mobile access, then all of the casinos can do this, with no apps required unless you wish to download them. Sites can be accessed via any web browser, thus, saving your smartphone storage space.

Why opt to play blackjack online?

So, why should you be playing blackjack and none of the other casino games online? Well, the choice is entirely yours to make, good or bad as a gaming choice, the bottom line is that playing should firstly be fun. If you seek blackjack for pure entertainment purposes, then that is all that matters. However, if your sole interest is to make money, then blackjack is the ideal game and approved by many in the GPWA:

Blackjack comes with the fairest gaming odds of any casino game. The house edge is the advantage the casino has over the player before the game start. With blackjack, the house edge is only 1.48%, this is tiny! Games like roulette come with an edge of 5.68%, slots have a bigger margin and so on into the ether of other casino games.

For those wanting to win real money online, then blackjack is ideal in being able to make this happen. Players have a near 50/50 chance of making money and even though there is no grand jackpot, wins are built slowly over games and this house edge is perfect for those keen on the game.

How to play online blackjack

Blackjack is a very easy game to play, whereas most players are put off by games like poker, blackjack only requires you to remember one thing. If your hand goes over the added total of 21, then you go but, anything below, then you have a chance of winning.

Blackjack starts with players placing their bets on the table, they are then dealt two cards by the dealer, the dealer themselves will also have two cards with one faced up for you to see.

With your hand, you can perform 3 key maneuvers to better your position in the game. The goal remember is to get as close to 21 but not over it.

The blackjack moves are:

  • Hit: To hit is to ask the dealer to present you with more cards, each hit is one card.
  • Split: To split is to cut the hand in two and form two new pairs, thusly giving you two hands over the dealer’s one hand.
  • Double Down: The move of Doubling Down is to increase the bet with an extra wager and in return, you get one card to help you win.

Once you are happy with your hand you can ‘stand’ so that the dealer can check their own cards. If they go over 21, you win, if their hand is greater than yours but not over 21, they win. Your hand needs to better the dealers without going bust.

The rules of blackjack are the same throughout the different variants, once you know how to play one game, you can play them all. Some variants will offer multi deck games and provide side bet options.

Live blackjack variants

The format of live dealer blackjack is a popular choice amongst the more established online casino players. This additional platform of gaming presents a world that offers live broadcasting into the casino of real blackjack games being played on real blackjack tables. The broadcast streams are live and played in real-time. With these features, you can communicate with the game’s host and play as you would at any regular casino table in a land-based establishment.

The live streaming service by Evolution Gaming presents some unique variant options that are not available as standard digital simulation games. There are some which also come with special promotional feature in some of the top casinos online. An example of this is rewarding players with cash payouts should they land three consecutive blackjack wins.

Blackjack bonuses and casino access

You will find that there are a number of different bonuses available online promising free credit to help you whilst gambling online. Though these sites do offer free spins and cash credit don’t take them unless you are satisfied with the terms and conditions of the bonus. Also, bonuses can be used as a strategy if your approach to playing blackjack games online is done correctly.

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